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Kentucky Uniform Academic Course Codes: who can teach what?


We have also worked with KY Educator Placement Service (KEPS) to make sure posting or finding a PLTW position is as easy as possible. You will notice under Subject within the Career and Technical Education section there are now 4 PLTW specific areas to choose from. Please use these when posting your PLTW positions. If you are searching for a PLTW position please note that searching these subjects may not be inclusive to all the PLTW positions in KY.

  • PLTW Biomedical Science
  • PLTW Computer Science
  • PLTW Engineering
  • PLTW Gateway


Finally, below is what the 15-16 PLTW Agreement Program Requirements states:


Section XI – Page 8

Teacher Selection:

Teachers instructing a PLTW course, unit, or module should have as a minimum a Bachelor’s Degree, and be in compliance with applicable state teacher licensure or certification requirements. Additionally, for the PLTW Biomedical Sciences Curricular Program, teachers should have successfully completed at least two semesters of college level biology, and it is preferred that teachers have experience in the techniques and methods of modern biology, molecular biology, or physiology. Teachers of PTLW Computer Science will benefit from prior experience teaching STEM courses or working experience in a STEM field. Prior knowledge of computer science is helpful but not required. PLTW, INC. reserves the right to accept or reject teacher candidates for Core Training, and has the ultimate discretion to determine a teacher’s successful completion of Core Training. PLTW teacher training is open to all licensed teachers and individuals on a certified pathway to licensure. PLTW Launch training is open to all licensed teachers, individuals on a certified pathway to licensure, and those individuals from Entities providing the PLTW elementary program in a non-school based model.


*PLTW teacher training is one qualification for eligibility to teach PLTW courses, units or modules. Individuals seeking to teach PLTW Curricular Programs are advised to understand state requirements for teaching these programs.