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Tuition and Lodging Cost

University of Kentucky Core Training Cost

Tuition Cost:

  • For 10 day sessions:  $2400.00; Graduation dinner, parking and lunch included.
  • For 5 day sessions: $1200.00; Graduation dinner, parking and lunch included.
  • For 3 day sessions: $700.00; Parking and lunch included.

Lodging Cost: (If you need lodging, click here to  request lodging)

  • For 10 day sessions:  $1200.00; Lodging Sunday-Thursday nights for 2 weeks. Fri-Sat night extra $120/night. Breakfast included.
  • For 5 day sessions: $600.00; Lodging Sunday-Thursday nights for 1 week; Breakfast included.
  • For 3 day sessions: $360.00; Lodging Sunday-Tuesday nights; Breakfast included.

Hotel information: We have 2 hotels for lodging in 2017 summer.

  • Holiday Inn Express, 100 Export Street, Lexington, KY. 859-389-6800
  • Home2Suites, 126 E. Lowry Ln, lexington, KY 40503. 859-313-5200
  • IED, POE, PBS, BI, CIM, CEA, HBS, AR, MD: in Holiday Inn Express
  • GTT_EE, GTT_FS, GTT_DM: In Home2Suites
  • Note: We are planning to get 1 week room contract for GTT_DM (Design & Modeling) in Holiday Inn. If we get that, GTT_DM will be moved there otherwise, it’ll be in Home2Suites.

Note: Participants can reserve their own hotel  if they would like to stay in other hotels.  Our plan is to group each class together in the same hotel. A limited number of rooms will be available for lodging which will be provided on a first come first serve basis. Late registrants will need to find their own lodging. Weekend lodging and additional nights provided upon request, if available. Additional lodging is $120/night.

PLTW KY office address for processing payments:
   143 Graham Ave, 225 Robotics Bldg
   University of Kentucky
   Lexington, KY 40506-0108

Checks should be made payable to:  PLTW KY.

We accept Purchase Order (PO) and Checks. We do not accept credit/debit cards.

Email: info@pltwky.org