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Help with Rostering Students

To help with the rostering process with PLTW we have developed an excel table that should help convert an export from infinite campus to your upload file for PLTW. First, download the converter file. You can find more information below.

Rostering Instructions


The video above will walk you through the process of utilizing the Kentucky Infinite Campus Roster Converter.  The converter can be found here.  Download the converter file. If the converter does not work for you please follow the instructions at the link above.

Rostering Instructions

How to use the converter

  1.  Develop an Export File from Infinite campus with the following columns for a single class.
    • Student.firstName
    • Student.lastName
    • Student.studentnumber
    • Student.grade
    • Student.gender
    • Student.birthday
    • Student.raceEthinicity
    • Student.raceEthnicityDetermination
    • CourseSection.courseName
    • activeEnrollment.specialEdstatus
  2. Copy and paste the data from Infinite campus into the tab labeled Infinite Campus Export
  3. Select tab labeled Values and modify the information in the red box
    • NECS Code – from the my.pltw.org page
    • School
    • Course code – must match codes below
    • Teacher First
    • Teacher Last
    • Teacher Email
    • Course Start Date and End Date
  4. Select tab labeled Import Page look over IEP testing accommodations in column Q for “INFO NEEDED”.  Modify this input to the proper testing accommodations as listed on Values tab
  5. Review data for multiple students of different race and IEP status.
  6. Cut all rows from bottom of document that have not been utilized
  7. Open tab Import Page go to “Save As”  change file type to CSV
  8. Open new file in notepad to check
  9. To begin a new class you will need to open a new converter file.